Best Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Best Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

Things work out well & positive if one knows how to motivate yourself. Anytime in life, you feel dull or lost. Then you just need to focus on the priorities or solutions. It is really important to know the best ways to keep yourself motivated…….


MOTIVATION can give you that extra push to get something done, if you are struggling to do start or complete a task then give yourself some encouragement to keep going. If you want to achieve long term plans then make sure of having clear goals so that you maintain your motivation throughout the process. Know some best ways to keep yourself motivated.

“Be Miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”

Best Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

“Best ways to motivate that works to keep yourself motivated”

  • Promise yourself a reward for doing something good Even if it is a small accomplishment, pat yourself, go out for a small break, treat yourself a snack or a coffee, celebrate with friends. All these small things will keep you excited & boost up for the next task.  
  • Tell yourself that you can do/achieve anythingWhen it comes to motivation, you can be your own worst critic. Push yourself to do what you need to, give yourself some positive affirmations.  
  • Break your goal down into small goals To achieve your bigger aims/goals break them into small tasks/benchmarks, & when you achieve your small goals you are reaching one step near to your success. This makes the goals much manageable & helps to achieve these tasks. 
  • Play Music that gives you energy – A break with few songs while working works well. One of the simplest ways I do when I feel low is to listen to music. It keeps me motivated or inspires me in some way.
  • Find a role model who has accomplished the goal before  – A role model can be someone whom you know in real life, such as a family member, boss, friends, professor, mentor, colleague, or famous person. Ask them what they did to get there.  
  • Find an accountability partner – An accountability partner will be one who will monitor you regularly to see how you are doing with your goals. He/she can be your guardian, friend, mentor, colleague, or anyone who knows you well.  
  • Make your activities fun – If you have fear of starting something new then make the task more exciting or include others & challenge yourself in a new way. Mixing your things can help you to get things done.  
  • Go back to “WHY” – Say out loud or list down a few reasons why you need to do something. Tell yourself the benefits of getting it done. Sometimes we need a little boost to help us get going on a project or task.  
  • Be constructive about failures – Learn from your failures then keep that lesson in mind. Take action on it to improve. Ask yourself – What you have learned from this setback?  
  • Compare yourself to yourself & see where you have to reach – It is always better to compare your success & achievements with your own earlier achievements. This will tell you where you have the reach, what new & different you have achieved.  
  • Compete in a friendly way – When you are in school or at work, make it a friendly competition to finish a work or project. If required you can add a small price for extra motivation like who wins get a chocolate or ice cream or a beer.  
  • Exercise – Working out doesn’t affect your body. Lifting weights releases inner tensions & stress & helps you to be more focused again.  
  • Celebrate your success – It doesn’t matter if the success is small or big, what matters is celebrating success with your friends, colleagues, or dear ones. This will always keep you motivated & energetic to do something new.   
  • Research, before you start the work – Learning from the people who have reached where you want to go & do what you are planning to do, can help you in planning the strategy for your success. If the other person can reach that level then even you can reach so do not get demotivated if things are not happening the way you want them to happen.  
  • Keep a running list of what makes you smile – Believe it or not one of the best ways to motivate yourself is something that you always carry with you. It’s nothing but your phone, keep it aside for a while & focus on task/project. If you don’t know what exactly you want. If you want to start living better then keep a list of things, moments with you that always make you smile.  
  • Block it into your calendar – Either by the starting of the day/week or sometime before the day ends can plan & block a week timeline for your important task to accomplish which are must & it can be rescheduled as per other daily work.
  • Post motivational quotes in the visible area It is good to have motivational quotes on your working space or visible area. Reading them will always inspire you & it is the best way to keep yourself motivated. Read – motivational quotes

BONUS TIP : Test & Adjust


Setting up these different ways in practice is the best way to motivate yourself. To maximize the output we need to identify the best option & change/adjust if it’s not working.

Top Six ways to keep yourself motivated –

  • Prepare To-Do List Keep your list of work/tasks somewhere visible. Cross it off once the work is completed. There are several Reminders app. Maintain your to-do lists like Microsoft To-Do List, Google Tasks, Excel Calendar, Apple reminders or you can also use sticky notes.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks – Plan for small breaks as too much work can also make you less productive. Can also take longer breaks on weekends to refresh yourself.  
  • Reduce the daily distractions – It is really hard to focus if you have easy access to distractions around you. Need to prioritize the work. Try to reduce all these daily distractions to finish your task.  
  • Set a timer – Set a specific timing like 30 minutes, 40 minutes, or an hour for a task. No matter what, keep plugging away at that task. Best is to silence your phone. Keep working until you get the workout or accomplish it.  
  • Create a routine for yourself – Build a schedule that works for you. Find out what time of day you work best. Whatever you have in your routine that should be done to track your progress report.  
  • Take 2 minutes to look back at your success – Anytime in life, you get panic or demotivated, then close your eyes, relax and think about the moments of your biggest success. During that time, the feeling what you will get is priceless. In conclusion, lets those memories boost up your motivation.

Final Thoughts

Do things that you are passionate about. With all these different ways you know what to do when you feel demotivated. Stay positive & happy !!

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  1. Totally agree about rewarding yourself. That’s always been a tactic of mine.
    Some really good tips here – thanks!

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