Cut and merge songs online-Where to edit songs?

Cut and merge songs online-Where to edit songs?

Want to “Cut and merge songs online” for your performance in any function?? So here is an app which helps to edit audio/mp3 songs in just few steps.

Android app –  Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

Steps to download and also learn how to cut and merge songs online.

1. In Play store install Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

Cut and merge songs online through audio mp3 editor

2. Once you have installed the app,open the app and it will look like the image as shown below.

Cut and merge songs online App-Audio MP3 Editor

3. List of features of app has given below

  • Trim Audio
  • Mix Audio
  • Merge Audio
  • Tag Editor
  • Record
  • Audio Converter
  • Video to Audio
  • My Creations

1) Trim Audio

To Trim the audio,you can enter/select the song from the list you want to trim and then adjust the START and END timings of the song according to your requirement.You can also trim your song with the help of two bars available as shown in the image.Once the timings are set,please click on Trim button present at the top of the screen and your song will be trimmed.

Cut and merge songs online-Trim Audio

Trim Audio Screen

After finishing the trimming of song,a pop up displays on the screen. Enter the filename in the popup and click on OK. You can find new trimmed song in My Creations menu under TRIMMED tab.

Trimmed Song-Popup

2) Mix Audio

In Mix audio screen, select the two songs which you want to mix after that click on Start Mixing button.On the next page do the required settings of the volume and click on Mix button.

Cut and merge songs online-Mix Audio
Mix Audio Screen

After mixing the song,a pop up screen appears. Enter the filename in the pop up and click on OK. You can find new mixed song in My Creations menu under MIXED tab.

Mix Audio Popup

3) Merge Audio

Click on Add Audio button present in the top-left corner of the screen and add the songs you want to merge.A pop-up will be displayed,select Add in Merge List.The respective song will be added in the list.Now repeat the same procedure for second song or many more.Once you have added the songs in the list to be merged,click on Merge button present at the bottom of the screen.

Cut and merge songs online-Merge Audio
Merge Audio Song List

After completing merging of songs,a pop up screen displays. Enter the filename in the pop up screen and click on OK. You can find new merged song in My Creations menu MERGED tab.

Merge Song - Pop Up

4) Tag Editor

In this menu you can edit the tag of any selected song.Song with the new tag will be saved in My Creations menu under TAG EDITOR tab with the new tag.

Tag Editor-Home Screen
Tag Editor Screen

5) Record

In this you can record your voice and save it which can be used later for trimming and merging if required.Recording will be saved in My Creations menu under RECORDINGS tab.

6) Audio Converter

In this you can change the format and sample rate of your selected song. Converted song will be saved in My Creations menu under CONVERTED AUDIO tab.

Audio Converter Pop Up Screen

7) Video to Audio

In this you can select a clip from the list after that click on the arrow present at the right-top of the screen.Enter the file name and choose the required video format and click on OK.The new audio file will be saved in My Creations menu under VIDEO TO AUDIO tab.

Cut and merge songs online-Video to Audio Converter

8) My Creations

The most important menu where all the edited files will be saved under respective tabs.There are total 7 tabs present under this menu.

  3. MIXED
My creations Screen Part 1
My creations Screen Part 2
My creations Screen Part 3

I know it has been a very big blog.But this app has lots of feature do explore it.

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  1. Good article. Can I suggest that when creating this article that includes a similar product for Mac users? Other then that I enjoy reading your article. They are easy to read and straight forward.
    Keep up the great work

  2. This is a good one, I do short Instagram video stories for marketing and usually struggle to find an app that’s easy to use. This takes the load off my shoulder. I am going to definitely try using this app to cut or merge songs. Thank you so much.

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