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Door to Door Delivery-This post will help you in door to door delivery of various categories of products.

Forgot charger,mobile at home or important documents?

Grocery Shopping?

Don’t worry,However there is a solution for all the above questions…

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Get help to solve all your above queries!!!

You can install the app either from Play Store/App Store or from the download button.

Dunzo-Door to Door Delivery App

Dunzo is a 24*7 delivery app that delivers anything to your doorstep in 45 minutes.Whether it’s a grocery shopping,food delivery or send packages across the city.

Once it finishes downloading. After that sign up and use its awesome services.

Below are the available list of services as shown in the image.This app will provide door to door delivery of the selected services.

Select the service which you want to avail and give your location.App will assign a dunzo assistant and he will deliver the selected service.

Door to Door Delivery-Dunzo Home Screen

Suppose you want to use first service “Send Packages” what all you need to do is :

Follow the below steps-Send Packages

  1. Click on Send Packages.
  2. Enter Pickup address.
  3. Enter Delivery address.
  4. Select package contents from the available list.
  5. After that it will show the delivery amount of the selected content.
  6. Click on Pay Now and select the payment method.
  7. Once payment is done,your order will be confirmed.
  8. A dunzo assistant will deliver your order.

Send Packages


Payment Method


Another service which is very useful “Any store in the city”.

Follow the below steps-Any Store in the City

  1. Choose category”Say Grocery | Household items”
  2. Enter the items one by one in Make list of items box.
  3. Enter Store/Pickup Address
  4. Enter Delivery Address.
  5. Bill Details will be displayed.
  6. After that click on Confirm Order button.
  7. Once you confirm the order,it will automatically get assigned to a dunzo assistant.
  8. Additionally,you have an option to track your order.

Any Store in the City


Track Order


Explore the other services available in the app and have a wonderful experience with the app.Please do comment if you have any query.

Note : For grocery shopping you can also refer Grofers App.

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