How to compress a video?

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Difficult to send a video attachment through mail due to size issue?

Unable to send a video on whatsapp due to size constraint???

It is very important to compress a video of large size as it takes longer time to upload and becomes really difficult for a sender and receiver to deal with such large videos.When you compress a video,its size gets reduced which makes it easy to send as an attachment in email or whatsapp. Additionally a compressed video takes less storage space.There are so many ways to compress a video like change resolution,bit rate or frame rate but this Video Converter,Compressor app is awesome and very easy to follow.

Through this app,you can compress a video size within few minutes and then send it on your required platform without any issue.

Download app “Video Converter,Compressor ” either from play store or from the below download button
Download appFeatures of app :

  1. Compress Video to multiple formats like MP4,MPEG,MPG,MKV,AVI etc
  2. Convert Video to MP4,MPEG,MPG,MKV,AVI ,FLV,WMV etc
  3. Convert any format of Video to Audio formats like MP3,M4A,WAV etc
  4. Change resolution for any format videos like MP4,MPEG,MPG etc
  5. Trim and cut video with minimal time from any format like MP4,MPEG,MPG etc

In addition to video compression this app has other important features which can be very useful.

  1. Audio Converter : It will convert audio into different formats & resizing files.
  2. Audio Cutter : It helps you to trim and cut audio files.
  3. Audio Merger : You can merge multiple audio files
  4. Video Cutter : It helps you to trim and cut video files
  5. Video to Audio : It will do the mp3 converting and compressing.

Lots of features in one app so no need to install multiple apps for compressing,converting video files etc.

Isn’t it great,video size is reduced from 62 MB to 5.16 MB !!!!

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