How to download Facebook Videos

How to download Facebook Videos

How to download Facebook videos – Follow simple steps

People usually download the videos which they really like to watch and this allows them to watch Facebook videos without an internet connection, low connection, or without using extra mobile data. In general, when someone downloads the videos it gets saved in the Facebook mobile app but not it the device. Learn how to download Facebook videos in few simple steps and enjoy…

How to download Facebook Videos
Again as I mentioned accessing social media is not mandatory so to avoid that we will download the videos to our phone. Learn how to download Facebook videos without much difficulty.

At times it is difficult to add or download a video due to the format it supports. I would recommend MP4 and adding the same video more than once will not help.

Downloading #Facebook videos is becoming too confusing. Tired of looking for the solutions. However, I will provide you a perfect solution for this……worth trying!!

Follow a few simple steps to download the video which you like to…
Excited to know the way to download the videos that you have really liked. So be ready with your video…


Click on the video for full view



Right-click on any video and then copy the URL


Go to FBDOWN.NET and simply Paste the link
How to download Facebook Videos

And click on


Click on “Download Video in Normal Quality” or “Download Video in HD Quality”



Your video should start downloading.

If it doesn’t then Right Click > Save As..  

All it takes is just one click to share a video that you created with the world. Similarly, some of the videos are so good that you want to watch them over and over again. With Facebook constantly changing News Feed and the fact that people update their pages frequently finding those videos again can be difficult. Above all, it is more convenient to watch them at your own comfortable time.  

In conclusion, you can simply download the video with the help of the steps mentioned above, after that you can watch it anytime & share it with your friends, colleagues, or relatives also. In addition, it is very simple and easy.

Also learn how to compress a video.

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