How to earn money from home with simple steps

How to earn money from home with simple steps

Hello friends, I thought of writing this article because nowadays it is very common that females who have very good qualifications are not able to work because of so many personal constraints. This article focuses to help them in how to earn money from home.

Sometimes, it becomes very much difficult for an individual to maintain a work-life balance. Spending 8-9 hours at the office becomes a challenge.

There are scenarios where a female needs to work for longer hours in office only because there are financial problems at home and then after coming back from work she needs to take up home responsibility.

In this article, I will introduce you to a website. This website/app can help women to work at their ease. A female can happily work from home using Freelancer.

Freelancer is also available as an Android application...

So in order to start working

Based on your flexible timings and hours you can take up a project and earn money from home without comprising your home responsibility.

It’s the best platform both as a mother and as a woman. A mother has lots of responsibilities like taking care of a child and spend quality time with him/her.

Now let me talk about what exactly Freelancer is? How can you earn money from home using this app?


Freelancer company is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace that connects employers and freelancers. It has two options either you can hire someone for your project or find work from anywhere in the world.

You can either download an android app from the below download button or visit their website

How to earn money from home
Download Freelancer App

ย  ย Steps to start working in Freelancer

  1. First and foremost, sign up to join a freelancer.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Click on Browse Projects->Search by Type.
  4. You can search either by Freelancers/Projects/Contests.
  5. Based on your Search Type, you will get results.
  6. Say I have selected Browse Projects by Search Type as Projects.
  7. There are filters on the page based on your interest you can select the available filters:ย  Project Type, Enter your Skills, Listing Types, Select Fixed Price, Hourly Price, Specific Location, and Languages.
  8. Based on your selected criteria, it will show a list of projects.
  9. Select the project of your interest.
  10. You need to fill up Bid Details and Describe your proposal in section Place a Bid on this Project.
  11. After filling up the details, you will be able to edit your bid until the project is awarded to someone.
  12. Once you fill-up the details click on the Place Bid button.
  13. A recruiter will contact you if he is interested to hire you based on your skills and bid price.
  14. In the Free membership, there is a total of 8 bids so you can bid for 8 projects.
  15. Additionally, you can claim 100 bids for free for 1st month in Freelancer Membership. Only Rs 729 INR per month afterward, unless canceled.

Hire Professionals in any field.

You can post a project for free and you will start receiving bids within seconds. Hire any professional at fixed or hourly rates and get your project done.

You can also read below posts to upgrade your learning skills and improve your job opportunities.

To sum up you can now start earning money now from home and have amazing benefits!!!

Additionally please refer the below link to earn money from home


61 thoughts on “How to earn money from home with simple steps

  1. Very useful information not only for ladies but any one onstrained to work from home and not knowing how to start. The information on the App is very useful. Thanks.

  2. I had no idea that this app existed! Really interesting. Iโ€™m always looking out for new opportunities to work in different ways to add to my portfolio and skill set

  3. These are most certainly viable options for working from home, but still tie you to swapping time for money, all be it at home.

    Another model to consider which I have used to free myself from a day job is promoting something that you recommend once and has monthly recurring payments.

    There are many to choose from such as web hosting, autoresponders and membership sites.

    I give away free websites

  4. Iโ€™m a pretty highly educated female. I find it so difficult to get promotions in work places and get taken seriously even through my highest education level is a Masterโ€™s. I may give it a look, thanks.

  5. Great advice! Itโ€™ been over 3 years now since I left the traditional working world and started working from home โ€“ starting my own business in digital marketing and working as a freelance writer. While there are challenges and struggles (there are on any journey), I wouldnโ€™t change my experience for the world!

  6. I need to figure out what a fair rate for my freelance services is and start marketing! So far I have just taken what I can get. That is mostly because my business is referrals from family friends and something to fill the gap in my resume while I’m a SAHM.

    1. Hi Cassie,in freelancer application you need to bid for a project according to your skills after that project owner will select a person after seeing all the bids.

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