How to transfer contacts from one phone to another

How to transfer contacts from one phone to another

This post will include information about how to transfer contacts from one phone to another phone without doing much efforts.

Buying new phones have become a passion these days!!!

Why do people switch to new phones?

  • Technology freak people
  • Less storage space in old device
  • To get a better camera quality
  • Latest model with upgraded specification
  • Gadget lovers
  • Bigger Screen
  • Good battery life

After buying a new phone, how to transfer contacts, messages, photos, and videos from one phone to another is the main concern. Because all these data are very important and we want to retain the same data in our new device.

There are varieties of ways to transfer the data like

  • Transfer via Bluetooth
  • Share it
  • Through many other Android/iOS data transferring apps

Best three ways of how to transfer contacts from one phone to another

  • Google Account
  • Clone It Application
  • Samsung Smart Switch Application

Google Account

Almost all Android devices come with Google services, including the ability to synchronize your contacts between devices. Just follow the below steps to use your google account to transfer data to a new device.

Follow the below process to back up data in your old phone.

  • Click on Android Settings
  • Select Backup and reset/Back and Restore
  • Select Backup my data
  • Tap the switch next to back up my data to enable backup to you Google account
  • Wait till your data is backed up

Once the backup is done. Switch to new phone to follow the restore data steps

  • Again go to Settings -> Backup and Restore
  • Select Automatic Restore
  • After that please follow the instructions that appear on your screen to restore data to your new device.

Please watch the below videos to understand above steps more clearly.

Back up data
Restore Data

Clone It Application

Clone it app helps to clone everything you want from your old to new phone.

You can install “Clone it” App in both old and new device from play store.

Old device will be the Sender’s Device and New Device will be the Receiver’s device in Clone it App.

Kindly follow the below steps to clone data

  • Firstly, Click on the Sender’s Device button
  • In the location service pop-up, Tap Set to turn on the location.
  • After that in your new phone Click on Receiver’s button
  • Repeat step 2 for the receiver’s device
  • Now in Receiver’s Device make sure the WiFi is “On”
  • Once the WiFi is “On”, Click on the Sender button again in the sender’s device
  • After that, it will start searching for the WLAN hotspot and current network details with a password will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now in Receiver’s device please select the same network in Wifi settings as displayed in Sender’s Device.
  • Enter the same password and connect.
  • Then both devices will be connected.
  • Click on the receiver button again in the receiver’s device.
  • Select the current network and a connection request will be sent on the sender’s device.
  • Select data from Sender and it will start importing.
  • The receiver’s device will show the import progress of the data.
  • Once the clone is completed, click on the Finish button.
  • Finally, data is successfully transferred to the new device.

Refer the below video for using clone it app.

Clone it App

Samsung Smart Switch Application

It is an application that helps to transfer data in Samsung phones only. To use this app please make sure both the phones are charged successfully. After that install the Samsung Smart Switch App in both phones from the play store.

Steps to transfer data using Smart Switch

  • In the Android settings, select Accounts and Backup option.
  • Then tap Smart Switch.
  • Click on download button to download and install Smart Switch app and once it downloads, Click on Agree button
  • After that, it will show you the list of below information that Samsung allows you to transfer.
    • Phone’s call history
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • SMS
    • Storage(Includes images, media, and files)
    • Microphone
    • Location
  • Tap Start->Receive Data
  • Select from the available options how you would like to transfer data
    • Cable
    • Wireless
  • For example, I selected “Wireless”
  • In the next step, select the type of your old device
    • Galaxy/Android
    • iPhone/iPad
    • Windows Phone /BlackBerry
  • Let’s say the type of your old device is Galaxy/Android
  • On the other hand, In old device download Smart Switch and open it.
  • Tap Agree->Start
  • Click on Send data
  • Then tap Wireless
  • Select the data you wish to transfer and then select Send button
  • After that in the new phone click on Receive
  • Once the transfer is complete, tap done on both devices

Please refer the below apps that you can install in your new phone and enjoy the benefits!!

Read the post and easily transfer data from old to new phone..

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