Plan your trip at cheapest rates

Planning a Trip!!! Need to book flight tickets,hotels & hire cabs?

All is here at one place. No need to check prices at different travel sites separately.

Skyscanner website provides you best deals on below three services

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car Hire

You can book your entire trip : Find the best flight prices and amazing hotel discounts without any booking fees.



Search and compare hundreds of flights all in one place. You can choose the cheapest one and book your tickets. Personally I have used it, wonderful website must use it once.

Steps to book flight tickets
  1. Login to website.Click on Sky Scanner link .
  2. For booking One way tickets,In Flights tab,select your From City-> To City
  3. Select Departure Date
  4. Click on Search Flights button
  5. List of flights will be displayed based on your search criteria
  6. Select the cheapest flight from the list
  7. It will be redirected to a different travel website based on your selection
  8. Enter the traveller details and book your flights.


You can also find your place to stay

Steps to search hotels
  1. Enter destination or hotel name
  2. Select Check-in and Check-out dates
  3. Enter Guests and room details
  4. Click on Search Hotels button
  5. A list of hotels based on your selected destination will be displayed
  6. View the deals of different hotels and reserve the best one
Car Hire

Car Hire

Find your ride

Steps to search a car for hire
  1. Enter Pick-up Location
  2. Enter Pick-up Date & Pick-up timings
  3. Enter Drop-off Date & Drop-Off timings
  4. Click on Search
  5. List of available cars with prices will be shown
  6. Select according to your wish
  7. Then complete the booking formalities

You are now ready to travel for a lovely trip→→→

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    What do you think about trivago for hotel booking ?

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